Friday, 2 December 2011

Week 10

Week 10!!Last week to put our final reflections! There are so much to say about this course as a whole. To start with it has been a tremendous experience to have worked from colleagues from all over the world. Sharing teaching experiences was great. In the beginning it was quite difficult to adjust but by the time we were more and more confident of ourselves; the course came to an end. 

Each week has been a sort of challenge for me. I was learning and discovering at the same time. I found each and every topic important. For me it was a resourceful course where I have learnt so much. I have a preference for Nicenet. I want to use that with my students. I like Rubistar and also Zunal. So many links and sites have been made known to us. It’s really a great privilege. 

I think slowly but surely, all the topics which we have covered can be brought up in my context. I find each topic having their importance. Assessment for example, there should be some changes in the modes of assessments. About, giving students their autonomy, we should cater for these things in the future. It remains a lifelong process. I believe as long as we are teachers we should be bringing about changes and also cater for new technologies. 

Indeed, I want to continue further in learning and discovering new methods and new strategies. 

I can say that this course has brought about changes in my perception of teaching. My teaching and learning process will be different next year. I am looking forward for January.

I had so much in mind to write but I think I am forgetting them all. I will be grateful to Donna for having so much patience and for having made our journey throughout the course; short, simple and sweet.

I shall end by this quote;


“Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee”



  1. Hello Shavila,

    I think I share the same thoughts with you about doing things slowly but surely. There isn't any magic about attaining proficiency and this really takes time.

    Good luck dear friend. I greatly appreciate our acquaintance while doing our tasks at the Webskills Course.

    Hope you keep in touch.


  2. Hello Dear Shavila,

    I am sad to say good bye, but I am happy to be a part of your teaching journey. I wish you the very best in everything and in all you do. May your life be blessed.


  3. Hello Donna,

    It has been a great pleasure working with you.

    thanks lots for all.